Classic Leftist Distortion

In a classic example of leftist misrepresentation by the hate rag bird cage liner, asking that the police do the policing rather than campus administrators makes anybody doing so a part of the ‘Rape Lobby’ and an advocate of legalizing rape. Yes, read that again. In an article published March 25, 2015 claims that FratPAC (more formally, the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee), “the political arm of the nation’s fraternities and sororities … plans to lobby Congress this spring to make it more difficult for colleges and universities to investigate sexual assault allegations.”

They arrive at this conclusion in spite of the fact that what FratPAC is asking for is simply due process, a right guaranteed by the US Constitution in not one, but two different places. How are administrators of a college or university legally qualified to dispense justice regarding a criminal accusation? As far as I know, that is exactly what the justice system is for. The Founders must have had a reason for establishing it, after all.

Remember what happened to the Duke LaCrosse players when they were falsely accused of rape? Their lives were trashed, even though all the charges were eventually dropped. In fact, Crystal Mangum, the woman that accused them, was eventually convicted of murder, and we heard barely a peep about that until, uh, well, ever.

Rape is a terrible crime. And we don’t even know how many occur as many, perhaps 2/3, are never reported by the victim for a variety of reasons. That number, fortunately, seems to be declining and reporting rates are increasing. Compounding that is some number of false accusations that do occur. According to some feminist groups that number is only 2%, but an actual study, albeit a small one, places the number at 41%. I’m pretty sure that neither of those is particularly accurate given the nature of the data, but at least the 41% number actually has data to support it.

Notorious race-baiter Al Sharpton couldn’t let this one pass, as the accused rapists are ‘privileged’ white kids and the accuser herself black. He appeared on the O’Reilly Factor to defend Mangum but later recanted. Tawana Brawley, anybody?

And, as far as the victims of the accusation are concerned, the whole mess is a gift that just keeps on giving. Even though the accuser’s claims have been discredited, the charges dropped and the District Attorney removed from the case and eventually disbarred for his misconduct, there are those still trying to rewrite the story and to make them appear guilty after all.

Back to the point: the idea that some administrative body not constitutionally empowered to enforce and adjudicate the law should have the primary responsibility for doing so is ridiculous, and, in fact, unconstitutional. If the campus police aren’t up to it then the appropriate thing to do is to send it to the town or county or state police, depending on the circumstances, location and nature of the alleged transgression. What’s so hard about that?