An Insult to Our Intelligence

burning flag On September 11th, 2012, mobs attacked the American Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, and also the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, killing one American, all, supposedly because of some movie that was insulting to Islam. Really? That isn’t the insult I hear. The insult I hear is to our intelligence. Are we supposed to believe that some no-name movie, so obscure that even the people attributing the violence to it can’t name it, just happened to incite crowds in countries now under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood to attack American diplomatic missions on the anniversary of the 911 attacks?

No, it wasn’t pious believers being offended by some movie that virtually none of them have ever seen. It was barbarians celebrating the attacks on America that occurred 11 years ago. What if Americans took a page from the barbarians’ play book and attacked the embassies of those countries that contributed men and materials to the 911 attacks, or contributed resources protecting, supplying or training Al Caida? That would make a hell of a lot more sense. So why don’t we? Because we are NOT, by and large, barbarians.

Add to it the first reaction of the Obama administration’s State Department: apology for offending the radical islamists, the Salafiyyah, who are stirring up trouble all over the place including Morocco, Egypt, Libya, India, Germany, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Albania, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Algeria and pretty much every place where there are non-fundamentalist Muslims or non-Muslims unwilling to be subjugated. It is difficult to distinguish between Al Caida and the Salafists in general (or Wahabbists, for that matter), so in essence, Obama apologized to Al Caida for offending their radical ideology. And, yeah, I know how they spell it; I just spell it according to the rules of the English language and will continue to do so as long as I am an English speaker. Too bad if that bothers anybody.

So much for the Arab Spring in Egypt and Libya. Obama’s clumsy foreign policy is now looking alarmingly like Carter’s equally inept handling of the conflict in Iran that led to the overthrow of the Shah and the seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran along with 66 American hostages. While there is certainly an argument to be made that Carter is not to blame for the destabilization of Iran (things had gone pretty far down that road before he even took office), there really isn’t much good to be said about how he handled the parts of it that ultimately occurred on his watch. Don’t be surprised if tensions and incidents escalate. Some Ayatollah-wannabee just might have ambitions in that direction. I wouldn’t want to be in Egypt, Libya or any of those other areas where Salafists have substantial influence if Obama wins the election. Anybody caught up in that could be looking at being a hostage for a lot longer than 444 days. Or worse.

Update: The American Ambassador to Libya has been killed along with three more staffers – making the total number of Americans killed in Libya five – in a rocket attack while he was attempting to help them to safety. The details are still a bit vague, but it sounds like he was being a hero when he could have just gotten himself out of danger with relative ease.