Book Review: The Little Ice Age: How Climate Made History 1300-1850

The Little Ice Age: How Climate Made History 1300-1850


Published in 2000, this gives a historical account of climate conditions between the Roman Warm Period and the Industrial Revolution. Fagan describes the period of substantially cooler weather in terms of agriculture, habitable regions and weather patterns from an archeological perspective. He presents evidence for the natural causes of cooling – volcanic activity, solar activity – predating any manmade causes (albeit with a nod to Anthropogenic Climate Change claims, as any book from the early 21st Century must to in order to survive politically correct scrutiny) without making any unsubstantiated assertions.

All in all a good read.

Book Review: The Health Hazards of Not Going Nuclear

The Health Hazards of Not Going Nuclear

Beckmann discusses the issues surrounding the use of nuclear power in this still-relevant book from 1976. He proceeds not by whitewashing the potential dangers of nuclear energy, but by comparing it to other existing sources of energy in an apples-to-apples fashion. Beckmann makes the case that nuclear energy, while not totally clean and not totally safe, is actually both cleaner and safer than viable large-scale energy production from other sources. Even though the book is now 40 years old, it provides a comprehensive analysis of the relative risks and rewards of nuclear power versus the others with a degree of prescience regarding the technological advances in the energy industry.


Hey, Global Warming Believers…

Climate in Northern Europe Reconstructed for the Past 2,000 Years: Cooling Trend Calculated Precisely for the First Time
Scientists have published a reconstruction of the climate in northern Europe over the last 2,000 years…
Now let’s look at the science: Anybody got a gripe with the data or the model used? Depth? Methodology? Basic assumptions? All is fair game. Have at it and let’s see if we can find any fatal flaws.
Orbital forcing of tree-ring data : Nature Climate Change : Nature Publishing Group
Based on an analysis of maximum latewood density data from northern Scandinavia, along with published dendrochronological records, this study finds evidence that previous tree-ring-reliant reconstructions of large-scale near-surface air temperature underestimated long-term pre-industrial warmth…