Dirty Tricks by Gun Grabbing Criminals

Let me see if I have this right…

A family business – gun business – sells firearms to people they *psychically* should have known had lied on their forms, and who were going to walk them to Mexico to be used in the drug war. Their entire livelihood is destroyed with a vengeance, they spend a year in jail and massive amounts of personal property is seized or destroyed. Several of the family members are still in jail even though most of the charges resulted in a ‘not guilty’ verdict, and the charges they were convicted of, pending appeal, are secondary (‘try to keep your wits while the ATF terrorizes you’, making false statements) charges. Okay, throw the book at them for that, even though it appears they did nothing wrong (according to the jury) up until the government fell on them.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department deliberately walked 2000 guns which have resulted in hundreds (300-500, depending on who is doing the math) of murders, some of which were American border agents on American soil. The same Justice Department has withheld documents from Congress, been caught in deliberate false statements to Congress and been held in contempt of Congress for refusing to release the vast majority of documents subpoenaed by Congress.

The Holder Justice Department stages gun walking to attack the Second Amendment (and gets caught at it) and comes down on a legitimate family business like a ton of bricks (with claims that were eventually dismissed by a jury) in order to, again, attack the Second Amendment. On top of that, I smell entrapment.

Somebody should be going to jail, and it isn’t the gun dealers.