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My politics

  • I oppose abortion. I would prefer to have 0 abortions, but, realistically such a stringent ban would never be accepted. So, no abortions after the first trimester, at all. Abortions in the case of rape and incest during the first trimester only. Abortion for the health of the mother only if carrying the child to term would result in the death of the mother, the child, or both. As I said, I would prefer 0 abortions, but I am willing to save the ones I can rather than none at all. There are plenty of alternatives available if you do not wish to become pregnant, including abstenance and contraception, so it is not necessary to engage in this atrocity. We’ll see what comes later.
  • I believe in low taxes. Our tax system is broken. Liberals claim to want to ‘Tax the Rich’, but that isn’t true. We don’t tax the rich. We tax the industrious, the creative and even the lucky. We do not tax on the basis of wealth already in a person’s possession, but on attempts to increase wealth. This is what the upper class and the lower class have been tricked into doing to the middle class. Liberal class warfare. For the rich it is a matter of preserving their privileges (by keeping more people from being rich)and for the poor it is a matter of redistribution of wealth (thus making more poor). All taxes do is make more poor when what we should really be doing is making fewer poor by providing more opportunities for people to invest and earn and improve their own lot by leaving them to decide what to do with their own money. I would prefer a flat tax or even a national sales tax instead of the abomination we have now. I believe the 16th Amendment should be repealed.
    I adamantly support the second amendment. The constitution is very direct on this topic and there is plenty of empirical evidence to support the fact that crime decreases when the people are allowed to defend their property and persons.
    I favor a Constitutional Amendment requiring a balanced budget and that fixes the US budget to GDP at about 20%, preferably less.
  • I am a vigorous supporter of the military. I am embarassed that I never served. When I did try I was rejected because of my age, but I should have done it earlier. The military is one of the few things the government should be spending money on.
    Border security. A wall and a military presence to insure that the invasion of our country by illegal aliens ends completely.
  • I favor the adoption of English as the official language of the United States by a Constitutional Amendment.
  • I favor becoming as energy independent as we can by exploring ALL options. You can have all the electric cars you want as long as we build the nuclear power plants to power them. Domestic and offshore oil. Micro wind and micro solar and a national net metering policy. Coal. Natural gas. Biofuels. All options are on the table. I believe that one of the things that makes this country great is the abundance of energy available to us. More energy equals more freedom. We need to overhaul our grid to support the demands that will be put upon it in the future – the not so distant future – especially if we migrate to electric powered vehicles and micro energy production.
  • I am an ardent capitalist. I believe in free trade, and I believe it works both ways. I find it difficult to accept foreign restrictions on our goods in their markets when we do not have the same restrictions on their goods in our markets. I object to the importation of cheap foreign goods from slave economies which undercuts our own domestic industries. We need to end the bailouts. Punish the crooks, not the taxpayers.
  • Election reform is crucial. Every candidate needs to account for the source of every single dollar that passes through their campaign. I am tired of foreign nationals, and even foreign governments, interfering in our elections. Every penny needs to be legal and attributed to a legal doner with documentation. The state of elections in this country is ridiculous – almost third world. I support national election standards and very severe penalies for engaging in election fraud. If we can process 150 million complex income tax returns with multiple forms and schedules every year, then we should be able to handle 120 million votes.
  • I support a right to privacy for voters, whether it be in a national election or a union organizational vote.
  • Private property rights are fundamental to liberty. We need to end the takings and stop the Federal government from gobbling up more and more land. Over 1/3 of all the territory of the United States is owned by governments and not individuals.
  • The War on Terror. I believe in Peace through Strength, and, when necessary, Peace through Victory. We can’t always choose the wars we want, but we can win the ones we fight. I have no problem smashing walnuts with a hammer if that is what I have at hand. Overwhelming force is generally a successful tactic, and one I favor. No fooling around, especially when it comes to the general welfare of my country.
  • I believe that Anthropocentric Global Warming or Climate Change is a myth. I am highly skeptical that natural climate change exists in a form substantial enough to threaten humanity. While there may be variations from year to year, they are just the normal variations in the cycle. But I believe we should investigate the subject vigorously and put an end to the question as well as any fraud that might be ongoing, with suitable punishments for the perpetrators of such fraud. Lets answer the question once and for all before going off the deep end with measures like the Kyoto Treaty.
  • Multiculturism. Used as a means to disparage US culture means that I have a problem with whom ever is doing the disparaging. US culture is the epitome of multiculturalism: we accept and include all races, religions and cultural practices so long as they do not directly contradict our basic cultural norms. And that is the way it should be. We should not have to accept practices from other cultures that violate our cultural ethics – slavery, sharia law, mutilation, arranged marriage and so on. Should we tolerate human sacrifice just because the Aztecs practiced it? Or cannibalism? No, of course not, that would be ridiculous. Our culture is as good or better than any competing culture that exists today and we should celebrate it and protect it. All the ills in society today can be traced to some deliberate effort to undermine our cultural norms; to deliberately change our culture in opposition to the natural course of its evolution. We already have numerous cultures that are contributing to our own. We examine new ideas and practices as they are brought to us by immigrants and travelers. Some survive and some do not. Some thrive and some fail. That is how we can have sushi, pizza and tacos all in the same food court. That is how we can have a hundred different flavors of Christianity without conflict. It is even why we can have the most effective and dangerous military the world has ever known without being a militaristic society. People bring in new ideas and new customs and we keep the best for everybody.