Obamacare Now Forcing Employer Funding for Abortions

Mr Conservative Article: Obamacare Now Forcing Employer Funding for Abortions

Employers pay for a substantial portion of the employees coverage as a benefit of employment. They have every right to choose a plan that does not violate their religious beliefs. The employees can then buy their own condoms, birth control pills or what ever. The other option is for the Catholic church to simply not provide any benefits at all. And to force the Catholic church to provide things that violate their religious beliefs clearly crosses the ‘free exercise’ line. That’s the real slippery slope.
Employees are likely to lose their medical benefits. The people who greatly benefit from these charities, also known as ‘the poor’ will also suffer if those organizations have to close up shop. Which they will do if forced to choose between abstaining from charitable giving and committing murder. The boogeyman of back-alley abortions is brought out every time anyone says they shouldn’t be legal.