The Libertarian Factor

The anti-Romney protest vote; the Paul zealots and other ‘conservatives’ that are voting third party and even considering voting for Obama ‘to bring on the revolution’:

Even if the Republicans nominated and we elected Ron Paul with a Reagan-like electoral college landslide, he could not make a fraction of the sweeping changes his supporters want him to make. For a party based on the belief that all the evils in our society are based on government excess and intrusion into our everyday lives, Libertarians as a rule show a remarkable inability to see the realities of the modern world. Ron Paul’s foreign policy, the area where he differs from Romney the most, is suicidal. We can’t hide under a rock or wait until we have mushroom clouds over our major cities to defend ourselves, and we cannot simply allow the rest of the world to walk across our borders. To think that we can step back and watch the rest of the world go down in flames while hundreds of millions of refugees flee what ever hell hole they are from – the ones that don’t blame us for abandoning them, rightfully or otherwise – and overwhelm our infrastructure and society is delusional at best. What would actually happen is that China would impose its policies and politics on what ever parts of the world it wanted and leave the rest to the jihadis. World War III would come about, anyway, and we’d be on the crappy end of the stick as a result of having allowed the two powers that most want to destroy us to divide the world between them relatively unopposed. Stupid.

And Libertarians, or whoever the Paul supporters really are, are alienating the rest of us that want to save our country from the Progressives. It’s most likely going to be ‘no zoup for you’ after this election for Libertarians no matter who wins. You can’t have everything you want right away. Our system does not work that way, and it was specifically designed not to work that way so that radicals could not hijack our government easily. If you can’t deal with that then you don’t understand what our founding fathers intended.

No matter how many moral victories you win, no matter how many battles you win, if you lose the war, you still lose. And you get written out of the history books anyway.