The Romney Stericycle Abortion Myth

Pathological liar and disgraced pseudo-journalist David Corn is perpetuating yet another lie about Mitt Romney, to wit, that he invested, via BAIN Capital, in a medical waste disposal company that disposed of aborted human beings.

Naturally, other left-wing useful idiots are picking up on this without any fact checking, and relabeling the ‘medical waste disposal business’ as the ‘abortion business’.

The gist of the claims is that Romney was still at BAIN when the Stericycle deal happened, Stericycle deals in aborted human beings, and that makes Mitt Romney an abortion facilitating hypocrite.

The simple truth is this: Not only did Stericycle not begin dealing with aborted human beings until after Romney had left BAIN, Stericycle did not begin disposing of aborted human bengs untill after BAIN had completely divested from it.

Having been an executive in a business, I can say that the venture capitalists that invested in that business not only didn’t get involved in the day to days, they didn’t dictate clients, either. The claim that while Romney was organizing and running the Olympics he somehow managed to find the time to secretly run dozens of other companies is ludicrous. But even if you believe that he was somehow able to do so, BAIN’s, and therefore Romney’s, involvement with Stericycle ended at least one year before Stericycle became involved with abortion clinics as clients.

As for Stericycle, the idea that they should be punished for disposing of aborted babies is kind of putting the cart before the horse. They didn’t invent abortion and somebody has to dispose of the so-called waste. Would I invest in a company that did it, though? No. And Mitt Romney didn’t invest in that kind of company, either.

Oh, and if Mitt Romney can organize and run a successful Olympics while secretly running a bunch of other companies profitably, maybe he is *exactly* the guy we need in the White House.