The Russian Collusion Narrative Continues to Implode

In this piece at, Clarice Feldman puts together a nice summary of the state of the Russian Collusion narrative of the left. There is little point to rehashing what she said as it is well packaged and clear, so I will only summarize it in the form of key takeaways:

  • The entire Russian Conspiracy narrative has been a Democrat disinformation campaign from Day One – and the Democrats all know it. Creating that much chaos – literally pushing the country to the brink of open violence (and we aren’t past that, yet, either) – is certainly sedition and not much short of treason.
  • Lewis “Scooter” Libby was falsely convicted due to similar political machinations also intended to disrupt the functioning of an administration of a duly elected president.
  • The real scandal, under-reported for now, is the Islamist subversion of the Democratic Party.
  • David Corn, the discredited left-wing “reporter”, is still a scumbag and deserves prosecution and serious jail time.

To be clear on the last point, Ms. Feldman didn’t say that David Corn is a discredited left-wing reporter. That is based on his prior record at Slate and Mother Jones and his efforts to push the bogus Russian Trump dossier.