The Wisdom of Ron Paul Supporters

Posted by ‘Jay’ in response to criticism of Ron Paul supporters that did not like the outcome of the 2012 Republican primaries who were undermining support for Mitt Romney:

“Let’s play this out shall we? If positions were reversed, and Ron Paul was the nominee…do you think we would still be telling you Romney is stupid? Do you think we would insult and alienate folks of the same political party with slightly different views? You both (Al and William) have a demeaning way of talking to folks. Your sarcasm and insulting nature shine through brilliantly, now only if you were to use your brilliance to try to win people over instead of informing us silly children. RP is stupid? You do know he has been a leader in the party you give your allegiance to for almost 30 years right? And in actuality the only position that Romney has that prevents me from jumping on the team is that he thinks the Federal Reserve is “doing a fine job” words from his mouth not made up. The only thing the Fed has been doing a fine job of for almost 100 years is raping the American taxpayer. No William as you stated above we are not all that different but that one position is enough for a lot of people to turn their back on the party all together.”

And my response:

Jay, if Ron Paul was the Republican nominee (presumptive) and Romney was the one foot-dragging and undermining the party, I would be supporting Paul and condemning Romney. And I would still think Paul’s foreign policy was suicidal. I agree with many of Paul’s positions, but those happen to be in the areas where Paul and Romney also agree to a large extent. I do believe, however, that instead of saying Mitt Romney is stupid and a bad choice for the Republicans as the presumptive nominee, Paulists would be saying “Paul was the right choice *because* Romney is stupid.” I don’t think you can help yourselves. And if Paul lost you would find something other than Paul’s political positions to blame.

If Ron Paul were elected he could only do so much. The President relies on Congress for, essentially, *permission* to do most things. In the areas where the Executive branch can act unilaterally, Obama has done a great deal of damage. Ron Paul would go to the opposite extreme and do just as much damage. Or more. Meanwhile, Obama has seized power via illegally bypassing Congress with EOs, and that will catch up with him, hopefully before it is too late. Paul can’t fix that, all he can do is drag down the Republican Party and give Obama 4 more years to consolidate power.

Just because you don’t like what I say, Jay, does not make it demeaning. I have tried logic and reason with Paul supporters, and, whenever I point out a flaw in their reasoning, they just redirect to another topic. Then the next time they make a groundless accusation or distort a fact or engage in outright conspiracy mongering, it’s the same set of non facts, delusions and baseless accusations.

You don’t have to like my sense of humor, either. I’d say that since it bothers you when I make a sarcastic comment, there must be some nugget in there that you recognize as truth, but it has not been my experience so far that there is any comprehension going on, just cognitive dissonance.

And please explain to me why this is so: I have not encountered a single – not one – Paul supporter that will vote for Romney. Not a single one. They say they will vote third-party, or stay home, or even that they will ‘vote Obama to bring on the Revolution.’ That last one, to me, reeks. How many of those people are just stooges of Obama doing their best to undermine the Republican Party? I have to say, most of them IMO. The ones claiming they will vote third-party on principle, I get that, even if I think it is wrongheaded and hypocritical (in your hypothetical scenario you would expect me to vote for Paul, right?) Where are the principles in voting for Obama? Was Obama running in the Republican primaries like Paul was? Why not just write in Paul instead of trying to wreck the country? It is those people who rob the rest of the Paul supporters of *any* credibility and make you all look like a bunch of spoiled children.

And that is your answer as to why you are mocked. Not by only me, but by many people who have already *completely* given up on you and won’t even bother to talk to you. That silence is not the adoring fans waiting on Paulist wisdom, it’s perdition. Wake up.